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Postal Course at Vajirao

Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute also provides teacher's support to the correspondence students. This is the best way to understand the examination pattern and techniques to prepare as students can directly interact with the teachers. We aim at providing:

  • (i) Guidance to our students for success, because new students are bound to face some conceptual problems during their preparation and at this stage teachers' guidance can be of utmost help.
  • (ii) Providing Notes which are best applicable for correspondence students.
  • 1. Entire syllabus covered lectures.
  • 2. Dictation of class notes along with the flow of lecture.
  • 3. Study Materials for each lecture separately. Most importantly, these materials are to the point keeping in mind the examination pattern and also very friendly language.
  • 4. Apart of study materials, the institute also provides Current Affairs & Contemporary issues with the course - it will really help the students to complete the dynamic aspect of preparation.

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Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


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