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Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute was started with the essential target of providing training to civil service aspirants in an engaged way and preparing them to effectively qualify civil services examination conducted by UPSC, a standout amongst the most difficult examination across the globe.

UPSC demands a comprehensive study of subjects. These subjects however instructed in schools and universities are not really designed towards the exam approach. The coaching will be in dept smart study nature keeping in mind the requirements of a prelims, mains examination and interview. Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute has designed a special programe targeting students who are in Higher Secondary level and in colleges. The reason being this examination demands a certain duration for preparation. Moreover the syllabus of UPSC circles around NCERT. These targeted Students are still in touch with their school books and hence can prepare their basics easily. The time in hand would give them ample amount of chance to prepare for the examinations stress free.

By the time students reach the required age to appear for the examination they are well prepared and trained according to all the requirements of Civil Services Examination. This way there will be maximum chances for the students to clear in the first attempt itself. India is a fast growing economy, our country needs young bureaucrats to take the nation forward. Thus this programe is designed to fulfill that dream of young aspirants.

We have a team that includes people who have years of experience in the field of UPSC examinations. Having been through the training process themselves, all of our team members understand the complexities of the examination, as well as the troubles confronted by an aspirant throughout preparation stage. This experience has helped us to create quality content and guide our students properly.

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Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


Vajirao & Reddy® Insitute


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